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Creative and recreational afternoon

May 28, 2023 at 14:00La Mitaine (Val-des-Sources)Multiple artistsFree

For the first time, Masq’alors! is at La Mitaine of Val-des-Sources for a cultural, artistic and playful Sunday afternoon. Indoor and outdoor family activities with a child-like spirit!


2 p.m. – L’Éveil du printemps (Spring Awakening)
Emmanuelle Calvé and Fanny Tousignant (Québec) and the 3rd and 4th grade students of Christ-Roi school in Saint-Camille

This wandering masked creature is the fruit of a series of mask confection, movement and sound creation workshops, in the spring of 2023, about fifteen hours between all the classes at the village school, École Christ-Roi.  

At the end of the wander, the artists will reveal their fabrication secrets and what lies beneath this great project. 

You can also catch the creature on a new wandering activity in Saint-Camille on June 3rd.


3 p.m. – Let’s create a new masked creature together
Emmanuelle Calvé and Fanny Tousignant (Québec)

For this workshop, the artists will invite a public of all ages, without prerequisites, to take part in the creation of a new creature. 


4 p.m. – Public outing of the new creature


3 p.m. – Nostalgia of origins exhibition vernissage
Noemie De Pas (Québec)

Very large sized photos to discover, in the presence of the artist who will share the origin of her project.

Details on the exhibition