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Nostalgia of origins

May 20, 2023 to June 05, 2023La Mitaine gardensNoémie de Pas (Quebec)Free

Nostalgie des origines is a large size photographic series that explores the moving complexity of in-betweens. Taken during an artistic residency in an academic environment, the photos show children wearing paper masks. They seek to symbolize the ambivalence between joyful presence in the world, and apprehension ; between zest for life and anxiety in the face of environmental disruptions.

Noémie de Pas is a traveler, also attracted by the geographical, metaphysical and intellectual quest. She has a multitude of life experiences and studied in various fields (film, international studies, science of religions). Since then, she has explored video and photographic work for more than 10 years  as a practice of presence in the world  ; presence to poetry, to fragility and complexity.  She draws inspiration in non-idiomatic improvisation in order to make more room for the spaces, objects and subjects in order to make room for the spaces, objects and subjects as co-authors of her projects.

Vernissage Sunday, May 28th at 3 p.m.