Git Hayetsk Dancers (Colombie Britannique)


The International Mask Festival in Saint-Camille is one of the major events of our village and our MRC. The only festival devoted solely to the mask in all its forms in North America, it attracts the Estrie and Bois-Francs public, but also from all over Quebec.

Masq’alors!, a flagship event where emerging and professional artists, speakers, trainers and other masked researchers converge from around the world to present their creations, exchange and share between specialists and neophytes. Its accessible programming and diverse community and festival component offer 10 days of shows, exhibitions, conferences and training workshops.

Get totally immerged in the fabulous world of the mask and dive into the adventure of the masked village. Experiences and rewarding encounters await you …

In addition to being part of a very friendly team, the advantages of being a volunteer M! :

  • Variable discounts on the price of all activities depending on the involvement (up to free);
  • Variable discounts on bar and restaurant prices depending on the implication (up to free);
  • A brunch or a volunteer evening (we take the opportunity to listen and share your ideas and impressions);
  • Without forgetting of course our warm and eternal gratitude for the precious time and talents you so generously offer at the festival and the dynamism of our small community.

To all, a huge THANK YOU … without a mask.

And good festival!

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