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Forgotten bread rolls – Québec expedition

June 03, 2023 from 13:00 to 17:00Jardins de la corvéeCréatures compagnie (France)/Les Sages fous (Québec)15 $


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The Association for the promotion of Pablo Canas work in Québec presents a most fantastic archeological, ethnographic and mythical discovery of anthropomorphic cookies. You are invited to enter in small groups of 15 to 20 people in its mysterious fairground museum, but this museum is like no other. Inside, a quirky, licensed guide invites you to follow him and discover the traces of a forgotten civilization that would have spread to both sides of the Atlantic. This civilization, obsessed with ritual pastry, leaves behind an abundance of anthropomorphic cookies.

The performance, poetic and surreal, is presented in the form of ‘curiosity cabinet’ where each element (collection of art objects, tools, precious relics) is showcased in small, wooden theatres, under window display or over sculpted footings.

This exhibition has been presented on French territory since 2004 before an audience passionate about anthropomorphic cookies. In partnership with ‘Les Sages Fous’, new digs have been carried out on ‘québécois’ territory. An astonishing civilization which would have, even before the Vikings, crossed the Atlantic aboard vessels made from puff pastry and weatherproofed with the help of a mortar made of whipped cream. An entire trade system would have thus developed around the nations of the St-Lawrence Valley who were, seemingly, quite fond of it.

Established in a rural area, Créatures compagnie is a collective of French artists whose energies converge in creative projects, in research spaces that associate the art of puppetry, writing and image. The company is the original inceptor of the first archeological digs that enabled updating this forgotten civilization that is the anthropomorphic cookie.

Wild puppet trainers, curio showmen and women, Les Sages Fous who are established in Trois-Rivières, have created a paradoxical theatre : ritual and trivial, domestic and marvelous. Theatre that is wild and undisciplined, surprises and disturbs.


Licensed guides : Hubert Jégat (France) and Paul Foresto (Québec)
From ages 9 and up