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Les pigeons de Skinner | Raakshas

June 03, 2021 at 19:00Le CamilloisRoberto Gomes-Barbosa (Portugal/Quebec) | Roger Sinha Danse (Montreal)34 - 40 $

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Les pigeons de Skinner

Are we really capable of freeing ourselves from our conditioning? Is free will an illusion? We are used to following predetermined paths… but determined by whom?

A Portuguese multimedia artist, Roberto Gomes-Barbosa is a theater professor and the artistic director of the company Les Symbiotiques.


Sinha Danse (Montréal)

A strange creature emerges in an immense and scary sound environment, as if born of the reverberations of breath, voice and didgeridoo. Roger Sinha danses, plays his instrument and simultaneously manipulates rhythms and sound effects in a combination of Indian contemporary style, unique to the choreographer.