Masked Kino

September 24, 2017 at 19:00P'tit BonheurIn partnership with Kino-EstrieVoluntary contribution


On-site only

The Kino-kabarets movement, was born in Montreal in 1999 and has now many different groups around the world. The idea, is to create a short film within a short time frame. Everything has to be done on the spot, the writing of the scenario, the staging, acting, editing and the public viewing of the films. It’s an alternative way of creating films which allows anyone to become a kinoïte since it is now possible to film even with your cell phone.

The idea: create something good with nothing, do great with little, but do it now!

The rules for the Masq’alors Kino-kabarets:

  • Enroll at
  • Film only in Saint Camille during the festival.
  • The mask must be at the heart of you work.
  • A common theme will be given to all the teams at the start of the festival.
  • Hand in your films at the latest at 4 pm on September 24th.
  • Public viewing with the directors at 7 pm on September 24th.

A selection of films will be presented later in Sherbrooke at Kino Estrie.

The evening will be lead by Joël Nadeau.

Participants’ films

See the participants’ films!