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Le pas de masque

May 24, 2009 at 19:30P'tit BonheurCité Pena (Cameroun)

In Africa, the mask has always been closely related to rituals, often held secretly in the jungles by their initiators. Valued by Western culture but banned by the colonials, over the years this art form has slowly lost its significance. Today, between “airport culture” and renewal of folkloric culture, the mask is somewhat lacking in modern African theatre. Cité Pena has taken the challenge to delve into its universe and its new creation is the fruits of both contemporary research and a search for identity and spiritualism from deep within African roots.

Director: Noudjiep Tchemdjo Emery
Choreography, music and dance: Isaac Mbende
Performer: Eshu Rigobert Tamwa
Mask Creation: Eric Delphin Kouegoue

CITÉ PENA was founded in January 2000, and is the first international cultural organization to be seen in Central Africa. It brings together artists and practitioners of contemporary theatre from various disciplines, (visual artists, writers, performers, directors, musicians, authors, story-tellers and designers) and has given itself the mandate of developing an experience of breaking down the artistic barriers and promoting the universal dissemination of artistic practices internally as well as on an international basis. Since then, Cité Pena has toured many other countries in Africa and Europe. With its performance at Festival Masqu’alors! Cité Pena celebrates its first performance on North American soil!