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Initiation to Beijing Opera

June 04, 2023 at 14:30Le CamilloisMichelle Jiang & Aurore Liang (China/Québec)20 $


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Discover the Beijing Opera, disciplinary elite Chinese art, during a magical event. It all begins with an introduction to this popular, traditional art, followed by the emblematic piece “Chasser Sanlang”. The poignant tale of Sijiao, grieving lover of Sanlang, transports us to a world of passion and drama. The piece is interpreted in French, for an immersive and captivating experience. Thereupon, dive into the fascinating universe of Beijing Opera masks during a LIVE demonstration, commentated by the creation of one of the most emblematic mask-make ups of Chinese culture. An unforgettable event awaits you, between tradition and wonder. 

Beijing Opera 

Recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the Beijing Opera is considered an elite Chinese art. With its vivid colors and riveting music, this art transports us to a legendary world through chant, dance, martial arts and acrobatics. 



Aurore LIANG — Artist at Beijing Opera and speaker

Beijing native Aurore Liang first immigrated to Quebec in 2007. She learned Beijing Opera alongside Grand Master Lianlian Jing, (National 1 Class Actor) Class 1 Actor at national level in China and alongside Michelle Jiang since 2016. She also created the first Beijing Opera school in Quebec, where the techniques of this art are taught to Chinese as well as non-Chinese people. Aurore has given herself a mission to create a bridge between Chinese and Western culture. 

Michelle Jiang — Artist at Beijing Opera 

Michelle Jiang began learning Beijing Opera at the age of 7 in China. In 2009, she received her diploma in interpretation of Beijing Opera from the National Academy of Chinese theater arts with a specialization in roles involving martial arts. At the academy, she started teaching her discipline to non-Chinese students. Today she teaches this form of theater at Concordia University in Montreal, and at the Trésors de Chine organization in Canada.

Michelle Jiang has more than 30 years of practice in the art of Beijing Opera. She is the only artist in Quebec who masters the art at this level.