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Cadian carnival dance workshop

June 03, 2023 at 17:00P'tit BonheurGrouyan Gombo (Louisiana/Québec)Free

Festive and rousing workshop with a Bayou and Southern prairies flavor of the North American continent, to learn how to dance the two-step and Cadian waltz, Louisiana’s traditional dances. The music of Grouyan Gombo reflects the festive and warm atmosphere of these francophone traditions from the Americas. Let’s dance!

Grouyan Gombo is one of the rare groups in Québec to draw deep into the repertoire of Cadien South Louisiana , while bringing current arrangements and its own compositions.
The group is composed of five musicians, notably highlighting the sound of Cadien style accordion as well as the sound of two violins playing in harmony, another attractive aspect of this music, unique in the world. Exceptionally, they will be wearing Cadien country Mardi-Gras costumes and masks, which usually distinguish and are exclusive to this spring celebration.

To learn more about Cadien Mardi-Gras’ rural traditions, our speaker, Erin Segura from Lafayette (Louisiana) will reveal its arcana after supper on the same Saturday, at 7 p.m.
You will also find Harlan Johnson, leader of the group Grouyan Gombo, at the conference.

Our dance mistress : Erin Segura (Louisiana)