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A world to reunite

June 01, 2023 to June 04, 2023Le CamilloisHorta Van Hoye (Belgium/Quebec)Free

It all started with the remains of a roll, normally destined to be recycled. Usually, paper carries words for writing, notes for music, colours and textures for painting. The way she kneads and sculpts becomes her ink, her pen and her brush. In this smooth and linear material, she finds a life, a memory, faces watching and interrogating us. Humanity takes form in her hands.

« It is the roll itself that, while unfurling, inspired this image. Despite our differences, we all come from the same flesh and we all carry the same fundamental desire to love and be loved… and interconnected. It is with this fragile and recyclable matter that I want to express this universal connection, through a wrinkled dance, crumpled, between the ephemeral and eternity. »

For more than 30 years, Horta Van Hoye has wandered discreetly across the globe and recycles in her own way the remains of paper rolls once used to print newspapers. Through her shows and installations, Horta tells simple stories that resemble life.

Photo credit Horta Van Hoye.