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L’histoire de Panji

June 14, 2021onlineCompagnie Pantcha Indra (Indonesia/France)5 $

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Dancers: Kadek Puspasari, Ary Drean

Solo instrument: Christophe Moure

The Story of Panji is a choreographed research inspired by the oral tradition and the literature of Java and Bali surrounding the myth of Panji in the context of contemporary danse. The choreographic work interprets what this story tells us about the body and our relationship to the idea of a physical body. The Story of Panji is a Hindu saga written around the 13th Century. It tells numerous tales which can be read on many levels: from simple narrative to a spiritual or philosophical interpretation.

Based in Paris, La compagnie Pantcha Indra has a mission to promote Javanese and Balinese Indonesian art through creations, shows, internships and educational workshops, blending danse, gamelan music and puppets. Pantcha Indra is known in Paris, in France and in all of Europe for the promotion of Indonesian culture.

In partnership with the Centre Mandapa (Paris)