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Mama Khan – Lakota Earthsong

May 25, 2019 at 15:00À confirmerKhadija El Mahdi (France/Morocco)25 $

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Mama Khan is part of a vast project combining masks, songs, storytelling and myths from the First Nations, called Les 13 chemins de Grand-Mère Terre. Mama Khan – Lakota Eartsong is the first part of a travelogue focusing on the feminine, otherness, dream magic and the power of art. A young woman meshes her intimate recollections with ancestral memories to create a link with everything that survives the passage of time. Wearing an old woman’s mask, she lets us see and hear the teachings of meeting with the Other. We are reminded of long evenings by the fireside where the body becomes a living memory that narrates, sings, recounts, dances and calls to the living.

Khadija El Mahdi has developed a research project using matrilinear trasmission, mask and oral tradition. Since 2012, she has been working on a life project to discover the knowledge of the First Nations around the world. She questions and mirrors the role of art in First Nations and in our modern societies. She is currently playing the second section : Mama Khan, the Berber song of water, created after a trip to the south of Morocco searching for her berber heritage in the land of her ancestors. She is currently working on creation of the third section, Maka Khan and the sacred fire of India. She received the P’tit Molière prize for Best actor alone on stage in 2018 for Mama Khan Lakota Earthsong.

The second part of the project, Lalla Aicha – The Berber Song of Water, will be presented on Sunday May 26th at 3pm.

Text, stage direction and acting: Khadija El Mahdi
Mask: Étienne Champion
Drum: Gabriel Eko