Masked music

June 05, 2015 at 22:00La MeunerieGéraldine (Montréal, QC)20$ presale until May 22nd, 25$ full-price


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Irreverent and inimitable, Géraldine tries everything. Really. She comes from the world of visual arts, when she is not creating her own clothing line or coloring portraits, she’s yelling in a fan surrounded by Leopard Cohen, Pratique Watson, China Twan or Velveeta Franklin, this group of high fliers with changing names, is created around the singer-songwriter and multiinstumentalist-pop-grunge Navet Confit (Preserve Turnip).

Undiscribable and subversive, her titles deconstruct the clichés found in pop and transforms them into something troubling but ludicrous. Always colourful, her performances are nutty happenings, as “touching” as distorted and amplified. A growing bunch of curious and amused people attend her shows.