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Liz Parkinson’s masks

June 02, 2015 to June 07, 2015Attic of Le P'tit BonheurLiz Parkinson (Australia)Free

These masks begin their lives as part of palm fronds from the Australian Cabbage Tree Palm, which grows in Liz’s garden. From there they undergo a transformation to release the person hidden within. They are cleaned up, painted, varnished and given hair, hats or whatever else is at hand. They are also dressed up with ear-rings and then given perhaps a necklace or beard for a final touch.

Liz is an Australian artist, author, jewellery and mask maker who has been classed as an outsider-artist. Her work has been exhibited in several countries, including her native Australia, Britain, France, Switzerland and Thailand.

Exhibition opening with Liz Parkinson on the 3rd of June at 5:30 p.m