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The White Woman

May 25, 2013 at 16:00Jardins de la corvéeMagali Chouinard (Québec)Voluntary contribution


On-site only

With The White Woman, Magali Chouinard takes a tender look at how solitude can be a special place, a place where we can discover and rediscover ourselves. By daring to be silent, to move slowly and deliberately, and by steering away from a linear narrative, she empowers her visual poetry. She captivates and moves her audience with a succession of images and allegories.

The White Woman is a presence acutely sensitive, in counterpoint with time and space, where the soul is moved by silence.  In a series of living pictures, this character, simultaneously adult, child, and elderly; wolf and crow, reveals the beauty of profound solitude.

MAGALI CHOUINARD was teaching visual arts in a secondary school when in 2006 she returned to study puppetry and mechanisms at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM). She literally “stumbled into the art of puppetry.” Her primary interests that marked her creative journey naturally converged toward the art of puppetry. The White Woman has been travelling around Quebec, Europe and Asia since 2008.

Play director: Marthe Adam
Creation team: Richard Morin, Emmanuelle Calvé and Jean Cummings

Photo: Dan Davis.