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Nature’s Masks and Mimicry

May 26, 2013 at 10:00P'tit BonheurAlain Morrier (Québec)5$


On-site only

Morning lecture with coffee and croissants

The mask in nature? Far from being farfetched, masks are evident throughout nature and their use is a fundamental survival skill. There are many types of animals that dress themselves in colourful feathers or scales, for the sole purpose of exhibition and performance; attracting a mate, thus ensuring the continuation of life. Animals can mask themselves as a form of camouflage, ensuring protection from predators, or protecting themselves by mimicking other, more dangerous animals.  Come discover the magnificent plumages of birds of paradise, the elusive longhorn grasshopper, and the coral snake.

Come meet ALAIN MORRIER, biologist and ornithologist. He did several study of impact in South America and Quebec. M. Morrier is an active ornithologist in Quebec.