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Introduction to Noh Theater

WorkshopIn collaboration with the Conseil de Culture de l'Estrie
May 26, 2013 to June 01, 2013Salle l'ÉquerreMasato Matsuura (Japan)125$ artists from the Eastern Townships; 625$ the others


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Noh is a form of traditional Japanese theatre founded in the 14th century.  It is a masked theatre influenced by Zen Buddhism, employing minimal, codified movements with diaphragmatic singing.  In this art form, minimalistic gestures and intense, concentrated shifts in corporeal orientation engender life-like expressions to the mask.  To accomplish this, the actors must master their bodies, concentrating and directing their energy to the mask and a fan, which they also employ.

In this workshop, MASATO MATSUURA proposes a method not only to discover and master our body and energy, but to harmonise body and spirit. He makes a seemingly difficult art form accessible, and reveals the major principles that enliven it.

Content :
Preparation :
Warm up– segmentation of the body;
Basis :
– Kamae – Noh performer`s position : standing between heaven and earth, the body floats like a marionette;
– Hakobi – Noh walking steps: a sliding step related to movements in the martial arts;
– Utai – Noh singing : with diaphragmatic voice;
– Shimai – Noh choreography;
Performance with the masks.

This training is offered in partnership with Conseil de la Culture de l’Estrie. The registration form is available online.