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Insubordinate Rites

May 24, 2013 at 16:00 to June 25, 2013Galerie des NanasCollective exhibitionFree

Theatrical, tribal, folkloric; funny, frightful, and political: such are the many facets explored by artists, with or without their knowledge, of the universe of masks. We asked more than a dozen artists to make textile masks and to adopt this expressive form that is as old as civilization. How will they meet the challenge to suffuse their creations with anonymous mystery and transformation? Created using a diverse palate of techniques involving knitting, sewing, textiles, lacework, and many different objects and materials, will our undisciplined masks, lacking any preconceived symbolic or associated rites, successfully elucidate, in their turn, the magic and fascination we expect? Certainly!

With Martine Birobent, Les Villes-Laines, Sam Ectoplasm, Céline Malépart, Emily Beer, Paty Villo, Wendy Lebon, Olivier Blot, Véronique Boilard, Noël-Ange Coderre, Rebecca Lemay-Dostie.