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Dead Man Rises and Other Short Shows

May 25, 2013 at 20:30St-Camille ChurchBread and Puppet Theater (USA)20$


On-site only

Dead Man Rises presents a simple myth involving a man and a river, eerily amplified by the use of megaphones placed at the edges of the stage.

“There is a dead man laying in the river,” a woman’s voice whispers in the dark at the right. “What will you do with the dead man?” a man whispers from the darkness at the left. Woman: “I will put the dead man on the back of the river and take him to my house.”
The BREAD AND PUPPET defines itself as “Cheap Art and Political Theater”. Founded in 1963 by Peter Schumann in New York, it moved to Glover, Vermont, in 1974 where a 140-year old barn was transformed into a museum for veteran puppets and masks. Celebrating this year the 50th birthday, the BREAD AND PUPPET is still attracting people from all over the world, participating in workshops or assisting to performances, outdoor in the Circus Field or indoor in the Papier Marché Cathedral.

Puppeteers: Katherine Nook, Esteli Kitchen, Rose Friedman, Eddie Haynes, Erin Bell
Artistic direction: Peter Schumann

Photo: Greg Cook