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The Make Up Art of Kathakali

May 29, 2011 at 10:00P'tit BonheurRichard Tremblay (Québec)5$; 20$ incluant le spectacle du soir


On-site only

The Kathakali is the traditional dance from the south of India. The elaborate make-up of the dancers historically dates back over a thousand years. Precise codes of form and color are followed to depict each explicit character. These codes and their represented characters will be explained in detail during this café-conference. The same night an intricate presentation of this dance form will be given complete with traditional costume and make-up.

Richard Tremblay commenced his artistic career in the 1970’s as a theatrical choreographer and then went on to study Kathakali and contemporary dance. After studying at the National Kathakali schooll Kerala Kalamandalam he created a series of four Homeric legends. He is presently the house choreographer for the company he founded in 1990; Dance Kalashas.