Round Table

June 01, 2011 at 19:30P'tit BonheurModerator: Claude Gélinas, anthropologist and professor of philosophy and applied ethics from the University of Sherbrooke (QC)5$


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The mask was one of the first socio-cultural inventions of man and has survived to this day world wide because of the important role it still plays in our societies.

The mask contributes to the healthy cohesion and functioning of the society’s that incorporate them- masks act as guardians of social order; transmission of power(s), act as a mediator with the supernatural forces that are responsible for the harvest and health and is a catalyser for unbalanced inner-urges.

The use of the mask in today’s society is rather limited to sacred rituals; the theater, carnivals, festivals and Halloween. How can the use of the mask be better intergrated in society as it has been in the past?

Francois Cervantes, Theater specialist (France)
Moussa Diabaté, Cultural mediator (Mali)
Manon Sioui, Artist (Quebec)

Claude Gélinas, Anthropologist and professor of Philosophy and Applied Ethics from the University of Sherbrooke (Qc)