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Le voyage de Pénazar

May 28, 2011 at 20:30Église de Saint-CamilleL'entreprise-cie François Cervantes (France)20$


On-site only

After his unexpected discovery of a mask, at an antique-dealer’s place, François Cervantes wrote “Penazar’s Journey”. Penazar, a personage of the great eastern history within the XIII e century, was a servant of legendary loyalty to the Prince de Gelgel. After his master’s decease, he left his kingdom and his era, he started a long journey which ended in a large European city of the XXI th century. He has been carry away as a wandering soul, exchanging body as exchanging sidewalk. A non-stop sequence of dead and rebirth was his fate. He get tired, he lost memory, he get hungry and thirsty, but remain loyal to his Prince. Penazar crosses the human river. He crosses the theatre as a thunderbolt, as a feeling or as a color. He brings up news from the past, from the invisible, from the human heart. He moves as a comet. He reminds us that eternity is not durable and that the legend’s world try to reach us, to tell us something.

Text and scenario: François Cervantes
With: Catherine Germain
Music: Eryck Abecassis;
Costume: Catherine Lefebvre with Annette Six;
Scenery: Anne Le Groux with Lucie Mourier.

L’ENTREPRISE has been created in 1986 by François Cervantes with the aim of a theatrical contemporary programming with artists issued from diverse skills ( comedians, musicians, circus artists…). Research and training activities are pursued in different artistic domains– particularly in masks—in order to face tradition and creation to the search of a theatrical language able to tell us the present world. As much as 15 spectacles have been created by the company The Enterprise. As meeting and crossing site, L’Entreprise has put itself at the theatre’s most moving place. As founder and director, François Cervantes, has always conciliated his tasks as author, producer, director and teacher. L’Enterprise’s spectacles have been played more than 1000 times in France and abroad.

We acknowledge the General Consulate of France at Québec.