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Le masque est le message

May 29, 2011 at 16:00P'tit BonheurFaustwork Mask Theatre (Ontario)20$


On-site only

« Le masque est le message » utilize physical comedy, quick-change artistry, and masked transformations in a series of vignettes that range from comic to tender to bizarre. Half-masked characters speak; full masked characters remain silent while speaking volumes with convincing body language and dancers’ grace. Masks are worn on other parts of the body, creating illusions that The New York Times says “tickle some sort of primal funny bone.” The actors perform the essence of each scene, and then transform time and again, the effects of which are alternately hilariously hyperbolic to strangely beautiful, affecting audiences in a way that bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart.
« Le masque est le message » addresses themes of personal and societal transformation. The characters reveal the tragic/comic trouble humans encounter when we act as if life were simple and appearances were not deceiving. Life is constant choice: we decide which face to present and which of our myriad of emotions to reveal. We laugh, we cry … we choose.

With : Rob Faust and Marla Brennan

FAUSTWORK MASK THEATRE is committed to exploring and celebrating the art of the Mask, to challenging and delighting audiences of all ages with a unique synthesis of theatre, physical comedy, music, dance and poetry. Rob Faust, native New Orleanian, is the founder and artistic director of Faustwork Mask Theatre. He has also performed and choreographed with Pilobolus Dance Theater, Martha Clarke, Jules Feiffer, Mangrove, and the Paul Winter Consort. He has produced and created six shows that have toured in Europe, Asia and Africa. Rob Faust designs and creates the masks used in Faustwork performances. His masks and sculptures—made from wood, leather, celastic, neoprene, or bronze—are primarily used on stage, but can occasionally be seen in galleries.