May 29, 2011 at 19:30P'tit BonheurDanse Kalashas (Québec)20$ incluant le café-conférence du matin


On-site only

Kathakali is a form of dance theatre originating from South India – a volitile mixture of drama, dance, music and ritual. The characters are elaborated make-up, dressed in the refined costumes reconstructing tales, myths and legends from the hindus ; the Mahâbhârata, the Rāmāyana and the life of Krishna. The symbolic use of form and colour is the make-up of each chacacter follows a precise historic code which will be explained …

Dancer : Richard Tremblay
Percussionist : Bruno Paquet

DANSE KALASHAS is a contemporary dance company founded by Richard Tremblay in 1990. Starting his creative journey in the 1970’s as a theatrical choregrapher, Richard Tremblay was drawn towards contemporary dance and kathakali. Richard devoted himself to this form of traditionnal dance, geatly enhancing his personal vocabulary of artistic expression. He has danced throughout Quebec, Canada and India since 1978, most notably with the Kerala Kalamandalam National Company. Richard Tremblay’s work is based on gestual movements and concentration of energy strongly influenced by his relationship with indian aesthetics.