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False-Face Society, Shamanic Ritual or Secret Society?

May 31, 2011 at 19:30P'tit BonheurManon Sioui (Québec)5$


On-site only

For a lot of people, the shamanic arts are and always will be a mystery. For eons the world’s indigenous people have practiced these ancient sacred rituals. The Jesuit missionaries were the first witnesses of such a deep-rooted ceremony when they were greeted by the Hurons in 1611. As the ritual stated that no one who wears a mask can be identified, the Jesuits thought that these creatures where part of a secret society. Throughout time the title of Secret Society of False Faces or the Remedial Functioning of the False Face in Society. What is this social theater about and are differing views of these given titles?

MANON SIOUI originates from Wendake (Qc) and is a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for the traditional art forms of her nation such as; corn leaf puppets and intricate bead works. Manon is equally trained in sculpture and wood lathing. As a painter she has left a trail of murals behind her all the way from Lyon (France) to her natal Wendake. This year she published the article Shamanic Ritual or Secret Society? in the magazine Hozho.