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On est peu de choses

May 24, 2009 at 14:00Jardins de la corvéeLa Calma (France)

Three people without attachments and unfortunately inseparable, play the nasty game of friendship. Around an improvised bench, situations evolve, roles change, disasters multiply, nothing works – it is all a question of balance! Parabola of philosophy and burlesque “On est peu de choses” teaches us the art of finding answers … without asking too many questions. Omer, Baril and José evolve between theatre characters and the absurd universe of the clown.

Direction: Toni Artega
Performers: Mélissa Weinhouse, Éric Dubour, Luc Kienzel
Mask Sculptor: Étienne Champion
Costumes : Virginia Rouffignac
Stage Management and
Tour Management: Nathalie Karp

LA CALMA was founded in 1998 in Paris, France by performers trained at the Jacques Lecoq School. It explores the poetic and visual language through different theatrical styles: clown play, mine theatre and marionettes. Since meeting the mask sculptor Étienne Champion in 2003, the company has taken on contemporary mask play, notably with their “nose-masks” of their own creation.