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Dances from Asia: The Goddess Durga

May 24, 2009 at 16:00P'tit BonheurAmrita Choudhury (India/Quebec)

This dance originating from the region of Bengal describes the eternal struggle between the Goddess Durga and the Devil Mahisasur, a struggle which symbolizes triumph over evil. The Goddess Durga represents the shakti, which is the essential energy in each one of us helping us to overcome obstacles and life’s difficulties. This contemporary choreography brings together rhythms and gestures which come from many traditions of dance and theatre in India.
The relationship between mask and its wearer are intimate. When a dancer wears a mask, energy is transmitted to him or her and it takes on a life of its own…..

AMRITA CHOUDHURY comes from the Region of Bengal in India. She studies many forms of classical, folkloric and tribal Indian dances. She has worked as a dancer, teacher and choreographer for more than 27 years. She is also a movement and dance therapist, and works with people with emotional or physical difficulties, especially within the area of cancer patients. Also, she has undertaken some anthropological research in the areas of yoga in conjunction with ancient practices in the Indian temples, and is interested in the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression. She acts as a consultant for Culture without Borders and the Government of Quebec in the area of “dance, education and spirituality”.