The Productions des paysages éclatés

The Productions des paysages éclatés is a non-profit organization founded in January 2008 by a group of passionate individuals with origins in theatre, martial arts, education, psychology and the visual arts. We are located in St. Camille, a small village in the Eastern Townships, about 35 km from Sherbrooke.

Based on an original idea of Hildegund Janzing, the Productions des paysages éclatés  and the Quebec International Mask Festival, are the collective results of wild dreamers, imaginative creators and playful people, inspired by the simple pleasure of sharing their passion and the results of their musings all accomplished through conviviality and originality. 

Our mission

The Productions des paysages éclatés has the following mandate :

  • to produce original cultural events
  • to offer training and related cultural activities
  • to ensure public access to artistic events

Specialized activities

The company Paysages Éclatées offers specialized mask workshop activities at the primary and secondary school levels, as well as youth clubs and organisations, various adult and seniors groups. All you have to do is contact us and let us know your needs to start the mask rolling your way!

Our team

We are designers, programmers, organizers, flyer-folders, technical support staff, private taxi drivers and go-fors hidden behind the masks of the founders of the Board of Directors:

Michel Bachelet – Designer, cabinet maker, sculptor and land artist. Specializes in restoration of antique furniture for museums and private owners. Founding President of the Centre des métiers d’art Le Correlieu à Ham-Sud from 1999 to 2002, where he set up hands-on training workshops and theme-based exhibitions. Chair of the Visual Arts Committee of P’tit Bonheur since 2005. Guest artist at the International Interior Design Salon of Montreal in 2007.

Cécile Colson – Performance Graduate of the Institut des Arts de diffusion in Belgium.  Trained in mask work with Guy Ramet (Centre d’études Masque et Mouvement, Belgium). Teacher and animator in mask work for AQPAD and le Théâtre en Fantasie (Laval). Performance art workshop (artist in the school program) from 1997 to 2003 and professor of Tai Ji Quan since 1999.

Ghislaine Grante – Arts and recreation agent. Director, co-ordinator and logistics organizer for cultural events such as carnivals, theatre festivals and youth gatherings. Trained in France at the École du théâtre et movement de Sabine Delanoy (Les Cabotins, Théâtre à corps …) Administrator of professional theatre and cultural organizations for more than 20 years in France and Quebec (Compagnie Ellequin, M.J.C de Palaiseau, le P’tit Bonheur). Singer with the group called Les Passants, performer for the young peoples’ version of “Jean de la Fontaine” by Jean-Pierre Harel.

Hildegund Janzing – Psychologist and researcher in therapeutic theatre.  Diploma in intercultural training (University of Sherbrooke) and PhD courses in Anthropology (University of Montreal).  Co-founder of a theatre company in 1999, she has organized two québécoise theatre tours (2006-2007) with a troupe from Cameroon.

Étienne-Alexis Boucher – Jeune retraité de la politique provincial, il a été tour à tout attaché politique (2003-2007), député (2008-2012) et conseiller politique du ministre de la santé et des services sociaux (2012-2014). En 2015, il a été observateur électoral international en Haïti pour le Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale et ParlAmericas.

We are supported by numerous people who sustain us in many ways, each individual contributing in his own unique way, making the festival  Masqu’alors! a universal, diversified and  greatly anticipated event.