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Useful info


Identified as a “village of the Gauls” by the “Monde Diplomatique”, the small hamlet of Saint-Camille in the Eastern Townships (Quebec) is noted for the dynamism it has developed over the past twenty years, its originality and undaunted efforts to reverse the trend of a continuing exodus from the rural communities.  Saint-Camille’s cultural and community centre known as Le P’tit Bonheur not only serves as a warm and inviting meeting place for everyone, but also has earned itself a reputation as a venue of choice amongst the professional art galleries and performance spaces throughout Quebec.  Artists, scientists and the like-wise curious come again and again, for one day or to stay, discovering the various social, cultural and residential projects which have been put in place by this unique community.

It is here that we welcome you to the warmth of our homes, the refreshing intimateness portrayed by our life-sized stage, and the rich diversity of the surrounding countryside.

The Festival has expanded to include open air performances at Mont-Ham, thematic exhibitions and other activities in regional libraries and cultural centers.

Festival's passes

Just click on the name of the pass to purchase one.
THE TOTAL (including all performances and conferences) - 135$
FAMILIY'S FRIEND (two performannces for 2 adults and their children) - 90$
FOREIGN TRADITIONS (Sunday's the 2 performances and the conference) - 40$

Groups (10 persons and more) - 20%
Children (from 5 to 17) - 50%