THE BODY AND THE MASK: Chimera and the neutral mask by Claire Heggen (France)

THE BODY AND THE MASK: Chimera and the neutral mask by Claire Heggen (France)

The workshop will be held in French. 

The movement and the body are at the center of this long workshop.  You will discover the concept of chimera in theater, it is when the whole body (and not only the face) can wear the mask and through this evoke chimera images.

You will deepen your knowledge of the mask through the exploration of an unusal way of using the neutral mask. Through an important work of the body using the breath and the voice, you will be lead through improvisations that will bring you to create chimera characters, that will be moving, hilarious or scary but always suprising.

The public will be invited to the last course

Type of clients : theater artists

Trainer : Claire Heggen is the artistic co-director with Yves Marc of the company « Théâtre du Mouvement », founded in 1975. She teaches in many workshops and international schools in France and overseas. The company has created 30 shows that have been presented in 60 countries, developing an easthetic that is in constant renewal over the theatracality of the movement in mime, gestural theater, dance and object theater.

Dates : saturday 30th of may to saturday 6 of june, variable schedule

Site of the workshop : Salle L’Équerre, 110 rue Desrivières, Saint-Camille

Number of participants : 16 max

Cost : 200$. This includes the 30 h of workshop and also the admission to all of the festivals activities (shows, conferences and round table).

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Registration : Conseil de la Culture de l’Estrie

Tel. : (819) 563-2744;